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Acceptance of the Terms of Service

This document establishes the “General Terms and Conditions” that regulate the use of the products or services of Sioux Media Group LTD.

The download or use of any of those managed by said company by the user will imply full and complete acceptance of these Terms and General Conditions.

If you do not agree to any of these Terms of Service or our Privacy Policy, please do not access or use any of the Websites.

The non-acceptance of these terms and conditions and privacy policy, depending on the level of relationship established between the parties at the level of data processing, implies the impossibility of providing our services.

Ability to Accept Terms and General Conditions

The content of this website is exclusively for people aged over 18 or 21 according to the laws of each country.

Sioux Media Group LTD does not have and cannot have knowledge of the personal data of the users of its goods and services since in any case there is a completely anonymous telematic contracting from the point of view of the Service provider and therefore cannot be held liable for the use made by a minor with a mobile phone, telephone line, credit or debit card. Sioux Media Group LTD cannot in any way substitute the parental control that the guardian or head of the family must exercise over the minors for whom they are responsible, therefore, we recommend restricting our services to them, warning that they will be considered responsible for all purposes, the holder of the mobile phone number, telephone line, credit or debit card to which the provision of the service is associated.

In order to fully ensure that minors do not have access, we have taken the following action:

Notice to minors that they must leave the pages on all our sites. Apart from this notice that the websites are for adults, they have also been protected with the ICRA child protection system and the [Cyber Patrol] - [Cyber Sitter] - [Net Nanny] systems.

In this way parents can prevent the visualization by their children of this type of content.

To ensure that due to a fortuitous error, due to the many times arbitrariness of the search engines that use the indexing of the pages, our website is not obtained as a result of any word not directly associated with adult content, we carry out a constant control of the "logs" coming from our visit counters where each of the keys entered by the users of the main search engines is clearly reflected.

Our pages repudiate practices such as violations or pedophilia and one of the main objectives is to collaborate as far as possible with all organizations in defence of Human Rights for the total disappearance of this type of crime from the Internet.

Amendments to the Terms of Service

General Terms and Conditions may change at anytime and without notice. Continue use of the Website justify acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions. (hereinafter “the Website”)

We are not responsible for the content of the websites that we link. Even so, we try to keep a repeated control of these and we will report to the authorities in clear cases of illegality such as exploitation of minors or promotion of violence.

The author of these pages is not responsible for the content of the companies to which he advertises. Most of these are on-demand data transmission services.

Advertising is also made to mobile messaging utilities or to the delivery of free electronic press material in order to collect email addresses from those responsible for said service and to whom we are unrelated.

We also do not approve and of course we do not mass send unsolicited e-mails for advertising purposes, improper publication in newsgroups or mailing lists, or ultimately anything that has any relation to activities known in this medium as "spam".


SERVICE: Offers its partners the necessary software to offer online viewing services and / or download content (provided that the product and the contracted subscription modality allow it) of entertainment through its WEB services for compatible mobile phones and / or PC and Mac. Services include access to third party products and services.

Credit card subscription service: the user can choose the different forms of payment that are offered to have access to the contents or services of the portal for which they have paid.

Local taxes may apply.


The user can cancel his subscription at any time they wishe at the internet address: .


Additionally, in other types of services such as livechat or premium videos, the user can buy additional credits in three types of packages: 50 credits for 4.99 €, 200 credits for 19.99 €

The price per use of the livechat room is 15 credits per minute. * Local taxes may apply.

On your account statement the charges will appear as "Securebilli + 18885032707" or "SECUREBILLING.PRO- + 34672715077" or "Mainstream * + 18885032707".


Pay per minute service: the registered user will have access to the online members area of FAKINGS (domain to which these conditions are limited) by calling a premium number 803. This service is offered by third parties and has a price per call of € 1.21 / min. from landline and €1.57 / min. from mobile.

Each call has a maximum duration of 30 min. This service, reserved for people over 18 years of age, is provided by PROMOCIONESWEB 2016 SL - NIF: B76694918 - Address: C / Bethencourt Alfonso 23 piso 7 - 38002 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).


Given that we have informed the user of the prices and conditions of our products and that the user has accepted the terms and conditions of use contained in this text, we inform you that:

Each claim will be evaluated individually before making any return. By default, when the user has not carried out the automatic unsubscription process at the web address within the established period (a user can cancel their subscription for the following renewal period, never for a current period) no refund will be made.

You can contact us at the email address where one of our agents will attend you personally.

In no case will the premium webcam / livechat minutes enjoyed by the user be returned.

Once a return has been confirmed, it will be effective in your account within a maximum period of 10 business days.


Only individuals of legal age (18 years or 21 years) may request and contract the services of Sioux Media Group LTD.

Similarly, the User must have all the equipment and software necessary to connect to its Services, including, among other things, the mobile phone or other access device as well as having the wap connection correctly configured to download content.

Sioux Media Group LTD may interrupt its Services in order to carry out whatever repair work, system corrections, maintenance and / or improvements it deems appropriate. It may also temporarily or permanently modify or interrupt specific Services offered by it or by third parties.


All users agree not to attempt to interfere with the operation of the Website. The following condition should not be breached by the user:
violate laws in the jurisdiction you are accessing from.
host any negative content or other material that User may find disturbing.
must be persons of 18 years of age and above.
Content of images showing illegal sexual activity is strictly forbidden.


Software Partners SL filters any proposed content to ensure the following situations do not appear on the website:
  • That may be considered a violation in any manner of the fundamental rights to honor, to personal and domestic privacy, or the personal image of third parties, especially regarding that of minors or vulnerable persons;
  • That collect images or personal data of third parties without having obtained the appropriate consent of their owners;
  • That violates the secrecy of communications or that involve an infringement of intellectual property rights or the rules governing the protection of personal data;
  • That is illegal, abusive, defamatory, denigratory, racist, discriminatory (whether for reasons of race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or identity, or any other personal, physical, political, or cultural circumstance), misleading, fraudulent, or in any way contrary to morality or public order;
  • That constitutes child pornography or bestiality, promote pedophilia or any role akin to it;
  • Which may fall into any of the following categories: drugs or incapacitation, rape or brutality, bestiality, injury, mutilation or gore, pedophilia, incest, necrophilia. In particular, without limitation, all those contents (audiovisual or of any other nature) that include, mention, simulate or promote, both in the content in question and their descriptive texts, any of the following behaviors or ‘keywords’ in any of their variants: abuse, alcohol, asphyxiation, bestiality, brutality, chloroform, drugs, drunkenness or intoxication, force, harassment, hypnosis, incapacitation, incest, intoxication, injury, minority, mutilation, necrophilia, pedophilia, sedation, rape, unconsciousness, violence;
  • That includes advertising or commercial communications, for the emission of messages for advertising purposes or the collection of data for the same purpose;
  • The content is genuine, and the owner can distribute it.

Moreover, SP, as the merchant of record, ensures that the content producer and owner, Sioux:
  • Verifies the legal age of any person appearing in the content displayed at the website with their ID AND
  • Obtains the performer’s consent for the planned content scenes, informs them of the adult nature of the content, which could be distributed worldwide, and the scenes to be filmed, and highlights to the performers that the filming can be stopped at any time with no harm and consequences for them.


It is forbidden by law to publish content depicting minors, or adults pretending to be minors, with the purpose of avoiding abuse and trafficking of minors.

It is also absolutely forbidden to use this platform to promote, participate in or encourage prostitution or sex trafficking. Thus, it is strictly forbidden to exchange personal information for the purpose of having encounters outside the platform. It is also forbidden to charge for services rendered in person. It is also absolutely forbidden to use this platform to promote, participate in or encourage prostitution, pedophilia, sex trafficking, human traffic an any kind of human abuse.

Any breach of the above shall be of the sole responsibility of the offending User.

By accessing this platform, the User acknowledges and accepts that THE WEBSITE does not generate content, but rather acts as a medium through which Content Creators may disseminate their legal, original and, in the event that third parties participate, consented material.

THE WEBSITE has technological and human resources deployed to comply with the basic regulation regarding content, with the aim of promoting the quality and legality of the material accessible from our platform, and reserves the right to use such resources to conduct periodic reviews and take appropriate action against anyone who fails to comply with the rules of access to the platform, especially those contained in this Legal Notice and any other legal text applicable to each User.

LIABILITY OF Sioux Media Group LTD

Sioux Media Group LTD will not be responsible for losses or damages that may arise from misuse of the content or service provided by SOFTWARE PARTNERS SL

Sioux Media Group LTD does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of the data, programs, information or opinions, whatever the origin, that circulate on its network or on the networks that the User can access through SOFTWARE PARTNERS SL The User assumes sole responsibility for the consequences, damages or actions that may arise from accessing said content as well as its reproduction or dissemination.

Sioux Media Group LTD will not be responsible for the technical availability or the contents of the Web / WAP pages of third parties that the User accesses through a link ("link") included in the Web.

Sioux Media Group LTD will not be responsible for those cases in which the products or services requested by the user are not delivered or provided correctly when this is derived from causes not attributable to Sioux Media Group LTD highlighting, by way of example but not limited, those cases in which the user does not request the product or service correctly (wording errors in the keywords of the request messages), those cases in which the product is not downloaded due to operator connectivity problems, problems in the configuration of the mobile terminal, or incompatibility between the requested product or service and the requesting mobile phone model when Sioux Media Group LTD has previously warned about said compatibility.


Sioux Media Group LTD cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect events, acts or damages that may arise for the User or for third parties as a result of the use of the Content provided by partners of Sioux Media Group LTD and technically managed by it. This limited warranty and the limitation of liability mentioned in the preceding paragraphs will not affect or prejudice your imperative rights.


The SIOUX MEDIA GROUP LTD Web and Wap sites, their contents and Intellectual Property rights, the programming and the design of the Web are fully protected by copyright, their reproduction, communication, disclosure and distribution being prohibited unless otherwise stated have the required authorization. Likewise, all the distinctive signs that appear on the website and Wap are owned by SIOUX MEDIA GROUP LTD or third parties, their reproduction or distribution under any means being prohibited, without the due, prior and express authorization of the owner.

SIOUX MEDIA GROUP LTD reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw any of the content, services or utilities incorporated into the Website owned by SIOUX MEDIA GROUP LTD.

The SIOUX MEDIA GROUP LTD Web, Wap sites associated logos and names are our trademarks and/or service marks. Other trademarks, service marks, names, and logos used on or through the Website, such as trademarks, service marks, names, or logos associated with third party content providers, are the trademarks, service marks, or logos of their respective owners. You are granted no right or license with respect to any of the aforesaid trademarks, service marks, or logos.


These Terms of Service, your use of the Website, and the relationship between you and us shall be governed by the laws of Cyprus, without regard to conflict of law rules. Nothing contained in these Terms of Service shall constitute an agreement to the application of the laws of any other nation to the Website. You agree that the Website shall be deemed a passive Website that does not give rise to personal jurisdiction over us, either specific or general, in jurisdictions other than Cyprus. The sole and exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any action or proceeding arising out of or related to these Terms of Service shall be in an appropriate court located in Limassol, Cyprus. You hereby submit to the jurisdiction and venue of said Courts.

These general conditions are governed by Cypriot legislation and any conflict that may arise derived from the provision of services by SIOUX MEDIA GROUP LTD or the interpretation and application of these conditions, both parties, SIOUX MEDIA GROUP LTD and the user themself, with express resignation to their jurisdiction, they submit to that of the Courts and Tribunals of Limassol.

18 U.S.C. Section 2257 Compliance Notice

For Billing Inquiries, or to cancel your membership, please visit, our authorized sales agent.

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